Reliable AI-based
contrast enhancement
for a safe and clean future

In magnetic resonance imaging, Gadolinium-based contrast agents are often essential to enhance the visibility of pathologies. However, these agents are costly, their disposal pollutes the environment, and can sometimes have adverse effects on patients. AI-driven contrast enhancement can address these challenges by reducing the administered contrast agent dose. Furthermore, by enhancing the visibility of critical details, AI can help radiologists make more accurate diagnoses.


AI-based contrast enhancement

Advantages of AI-based contrast enhancement

„In all patients use the smallest amount of contrast medium necessary for a diagnostic result.“

- ESUR Guidelines

Key aspects of our AI-based contrast enhancement solution

Our Team

The team encompasses a diverse skill set spanning radiology, mathematics, medical imaging, and computer science. Together, we have combined our expertise to reshape the world of radiology, ushering in an era of safer, more precise diagnostic procedures.

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